How many Portions?

As a general guide for choosing the size of your cake

Rich fruit cake (usually cut 1 inch by 1 inch)
6 inch 25 32
8 inch 47 60
10 inch 72 95
12 inch 107 135


Sponge Cake (usually cut 1 inch by 2 inch)
6 INCH 14 18
8 INCH 25 32
10 INCH 38 50
12 INCH 55 72
14 INCH 70 84

Larger sizes are available

 Delivery (Wedding Cakes Only)

Delivery is free within a 10 mile radius of Syston (see map on contacts page) which is located to the north of Leicester. Delivery outside of this area can be arranged, however, a delivery charge of 40p a mile for the round trip will apply.

Cakes can be delivered and set up at your venue. Please discuss this at the time of placing your order and confirm delivery address.

Cakes can be collected by arrangement.

This applies to Wedding Cakes only